Good Massage - Sports Massage Therapy Christchurch, NZ

Sports massage is a technique geared toward athletes. In contrast with Swedish or relaxation massage, Sports massage's more vigorous technique stimulates greater circulation of blood and nutrients to targeted muscles and assists in the removal of toxins to improve and maximize your recovery and performance.

Sports Massage Christchurch, New Zealand

Sports Massage is used to help athletes recover from competition, training and injuries, however, everybody can benefit from good sports massage.

Received regularly, good sports massage will:

  • Help you prevent soft tissue injuries
  • Speed your recovery during training and post event
  • Prepare your body for athletic activity
  • Help maintain your body in peak physical condition

Our "Good Massage" sports therapists can work with you to incorporate sports massage into your training programme or competition. Regular sports massage can greatly reduce recovery time, and help prevent minor aches and niggles becoming more serious. All of this means less down time, better quality training and increased performance.

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