Is Buying a Cheap Massage Chair Worth it? Here’s Your Complete Guide

Before you click that checkout button, it’s important to know if what you’re getting is really what you need. A low price tag often reflects the quality of the massage chair, but how do you know if it’s worth it or not?

I’m going to explain the features that you should get, and the price range you should be considering for a massage chair if you’re going to buy one.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

TDLR: A cheap massage chair can range between $1500 to $5000, however the specifications on these chairs vary considerably. If the chair you’re looking at buying is within this range, has a proper full body massage chair range, and has adjustable strength and styles, then buying that massage chair would be a decent choice.

But I believe there’s more to just looking at the price, we have to first consider what it does.

Before Buying a Massage Chair, Check What Functions and Features it Has

If you’re buying a massage chair for a price of $1500, but won’t have your feet massaged, won’t you feel that they’re being left out?

That depends on what you need. Within this price range of $1500 to $5000, you can find massage chairs that just massage your back and neck, to full body massage chairs which adjustable strength, styles and more massage features.

If you’re investing in a massage chair, then you should consider looking to buy a full body massage chair instead of an old, ordinary massage chair. I’ve written a blog about full body massage chairs if you want a bit more of an introduction to them.

To summarise the content of that blog, a massage chair that gives you the most value is a full body massage chair. This is because it can massage your whole body, and give you a multi-massage therapist feeling at the same time.

So before you decide to check out, double check to see if your massage chair is:

  • Able to massage your legs and feet
  • Able to massage your neck, shoulders and back
  • Can reach around your hips
  • Has airbags for your arms
  • Has multiple massage modes
  • Can have its strength and intensity adjusted
  • Can lean back and retract back to its original position

If it can, then you’ve got a good massage chair deal on your hands!

Check What Warranties and Guarantees You Receive with These Purchases

You want to be able to trust what you’ve bought, and make sure the customer service of the company you’re buying from is good as well.

The best way to know this is to check whether the company provides some form of refund or money back guarantee policy.

At Good Massage, we have a 30 day money back guarantee on our massage chairs to help consumers feel confident in their purchase. We also have a minimum 3 year warranty on our massage chairs, and an extendable 5 year warranty too.

However many other companies don’t have anything similar, which might infer that they will not be able to provide repairs in the event that anything goes wrong with your massage chair.

While this might not directly reflect the quality, what it does reflect is the durability of the parts of the massage chair, and the service that a massage chair company provides.

In a situation where you have to choose between two massage chairs, one that’s cheaper but has no guarantees, and one that’s more expensive, but comes with guarantees, you should choose the one that can guarantee you will enjoy using the massage chair.

Another way to check if these guarantees are true is to read the reviews or view testimonials of that massage chair company. Being a massage chair retailer ourselves, we have reviews written on our products, as well as supporting videos to show how the massage chair works.

If you’re ever unsure about buying a massage chair, and you’re unable to try it yourself, then the best thing you can do is see it in action, and see how people use it.

From this, you’ll be able to see how it’s used, and what you can expect as a customer yourself.

See if You Can Get Financing Deals if Possible

One of the main trends with online payment nowadays is the ability to pay on a financing term. These are often some of the best ways to save money over the long term.

You most likely need the massage chair, but don’t have the money on hand to get what you need. If there’s a $0 deposit deal, or a long 36 months interest free deal, then over the long run, you might end up having a decent deal.

Because financing breaks down the cost of a massage chair to a weekly expense, it’s much easier to see the savings of a massage chair, and will reduce the financial strain of spending so much cash at once.

Benchmark the Massage Chair You Want with the Best in the Price Range

This is the best tip I could offer to someone who wants to buy a massage chair, and is unsure if they’re getting a bargain. As you spend more on a massage chair, you get more features. However, that sometimes gets to a point of ‘too many features’.

As such, it’s often good to have a benchmark massage chair in mind to help you compare some massage chair models to see if you’re sacrificing with the right amount of features.

One model I would recommend cross-referencing is the GM450, which is priced at $4,950. This one of the biggest value massage chairs in New Zealand, being the only 4D massage chair in the country.

To make it easier to find it, I’ve linked it right below!

Conclusion: Massage Chair Value is in the Eye of the Beholder

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which features are most important and which aren’t. However, what is equally as important is knowing that you’re buying a massage chair that will last you a long time to make the money you’re spending worth it.

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