What a Full Body Massage Chair Actually Massages | Explained

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In this blog, I’m going to go over what a full body massage chair is, and where exactly it massages. For reference, we’ll use one of our full body massage chairs, the GM450 massage chair.

However, if you need the quick answer, then:

TLDR: A full body massage chair is a massage chair that can massage most large muscle groups between your neck and your feet. This usually consists of your neck and shoulders, spine, hips and waist, your forearms, calves and feet. Some massage chairs can even massage your knees, but no full body massage chair can massage underneath your thighs and hamstrings for health reasons.

Don’t stop reading yet though! I’m about to bring in some pictures, and explain more about where exactly the rollers on a full body massage chair go, so stay tuned.

What is a Full Body Massage Chair – Introduction

To put it simply, a full body massage chair is a massage chair made to help relax your whole body. This sort of massage chair is different from the ones you might see in airports. Full body massage chairs are known for being able to tilt back, lean into a Zero Gravity mode, and have a long massage track.

A full body massage chair can easily massage these parts of your body:

  • Your neck
  • Your shoulders
  • Upper, mid and lower back
  • Your hips
  • Your forearms
  • The upper side of your glutes
  • Your calves
  • Your feet

The one part of your body that a full body massage chair cannot reach is the thighs, especially the hamstrings. This is seen across every full body massage chair model, as it is a safety standard.

When you sit down in any chair, most of the weight rests on your thighs. If you were to massage against this with the pressure of your body weight, it would likely be extremely painful, and pose a health risk.

Outside of this, the standard full body massage chair will give your whole body the massage it needs.

How does a Full Body Massage Chair Reach All the Parts on my Body?

A full body massage chair typically comes in two or more parts, the most common two being the main frame body, and the leg component. These two parts work separately, giving you a full body massage experience.

To illustrate, I have a photo of the GM450 massage chair, with the main frame body massage roller drawn to show you where you get your massage.

GM450 full body massage chair diagram of massage roller range

As we can see on this picture, the line starts around the neck area, and works its way down to your glutes.

This is how full body massage chairs are able to get a neck, shoulder blade, spine, and lower back massage all in one sequence.

GM450 full body massage chair neck part diagram

In addition to this, full body massage chairs have airbags in the main frame around your shoulders, and your forearms to help press them down too.

As we work our way down, the massage chair stops massaging at a certain point. Because this point is hard to explain, I have highlighted the regions on the full body massage chair where there the massage chair will massage to, and where it won’t massage to.

GM450 full body massage chair waist massageable area diagram

The orange highlighted part of the photo is where the massage chair can reach and massage you, while the turquoise is where the massage chair will not reach.

Lastly, the full body massage chair’s leg part can massage your calves and feet.

GM450 full body massage chair leg and feet part diagram

Is a Full Body Massage Chair Worth It?

The best part of a full body massage chair is that it can massage you in multiple areas at the same time. You can have your neck massaged, while having your arms and calves pressed with airbags, while also having your feet massaged.

It’s like substituting 4 masseuses at the same time!

With this in mind, a full body massage chair does come at a higher price than regular massage chairs. Despite this, you are still getting a lot of value when you purchase one. 

The reason is because you can have a good amount of control over your massage experience, such as the intensity, the location, and even control the tilt.

This makes a full body massage chair great for a quick massage while watching TV, while also being used as a cozy little sleep pod for if you want a nap.

The opportunities with a full body massage chair vastly outnumber the opportunities and uses of a regular massage chair.

Conclusion: A Full Body Massage Chair is the Best Massage Chair Type

As of current, nothing can beat a full body massage chair. While there are gaming massage chairs, or recliner massage chairs which work in certain circumstances, nothing beats the quality of relaxation you get with a full body massage chair.

You can get a full body relaxing experience where you can either watch something, take a nap, recover after work, or help you wake up.

If you’re interesting in finding out what sort of massage chair you need, or how to know which one you’d want, then we also have another blog that can help you choose the best massage chair for your needs.

A full body massage is the ultimate relaxation ritual, an experience that rejuvenates both the body and the soul. But what does a full body massage consist of? Typically, it encompasses a sequence of flowing strokes, kneading, and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure. It usually covers areas from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, ensuring each part of the body receives dedicated attention. Alongside physical relaxation, the rhythmic movements can also serve to calm the mind, creating a holistic wellness experience. By the end of the session, you’ll likely find yourself in a state of deep relaxation, with loosened muscles and a tranquil mind.

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