Investing in Relaxation: How Long Will a Full Body Massage Chair Last?

You’re buying a massage chair, so you definitely want it to last.

So that begs the question, how long does a full body massage chair actually last?

There’s no concrete answer, as it depends from brand to brand.

But today, we’re going to answer the main question, and give you an estimate guess based on some of the features you should look for.

TLDR: The average massage chair can last anywhere between 3 – 6 years. This is dependent on how often it is used, the weight of the people using it, how its being treated, and some other basic usage care.

How long should a massage chair last you?

The average massage chair has a lifespan expectancy of between 3 – 6 years. Massage chair brands which are more well-known and reputable tend to last longer. This includes massage chair brands such as OGAWA massage chairs and Family Inada.  

However, a good point of reference is the warranty. Like any mobile phone, you can use a massage chair beyond its warranty period, and still get the benefits. This means that as long as the warranty is at least 3 years, you should be fine using the massage chair.

What Determines How Long a Massage Chair Can Last?

The Way People Use the Massage Chair

Massage chairs are amazing to use in the lounge or the bedroom, they’d make a perfect fit. However, sometimes people often forget that, as a massage chair, they do need to be looked after and treated well.

Massage chairs can be used for a long time assuming they’re being used properly. Some of the best practices for using a massage chair include:

  • Waiting for the massage chair to turn off before getting out
  • Slowly entering and exiting the massage chair
  • Not eating or drinking on the massage chair
  • Not jumping on the massage chair

If you follow these steps, it’s very unlikely that there’s going to be any problem!

The Weight of the User

This is one of the factors which can influence how well a massage chair works. While our massage chairs have a recommended upper weight limit of 105kg, people who are heavier can sit and use these massage chairs.

However, the main issue with this is that the massage chair might wear down quicker over time. This is because the massage chair has to lift your body weight to tilt it backwards, as well as raise and lower your legs.

While some models can support up to 120kg, other models may not be as powerful. If this is a consideration for you, then our team at Good Massage are more than happy to help you find a suitable massage chair. For related questions, contact our helpful massage chair specialist team!

How Often You Use the Massage Chair

By standard, massage chairs should be able to be used up to one hour per day, per person, which sits around a two-hour daily usage.

For most people, this isn’t an issue, as they have an in home massage chair.

However, in office spaces or in workplace, there’s a lot more people using the massage chair, thus it might not last as long.

What Part of a Massage Chair is Likely to Break?

For most massage chairs, the parts that are most likely to break are the legs, or the arm airbags.

The leg parts of a massage chair tend to be the ones which break the quickest due to misuse. Some of the issues that sometimes occur is when people try to get off the massage chair before it has returned to the ground. When this happens, it breaks off the clamps which hold the leg part of a massage chair to the body of the massage chair,

The arm airbags of the massage chair tend to pop often as well as people sometimes wear sharp rings or watch. The simple fix for this is to simply just take off your rings or watches before you sit in the massage chair!

Conclusion: Your Massage Chair Lasts As Long As You Want It To

The average massage chair in any home can last around 3 – 6 years, but with good care, can last even longer. They’re an investment in your health, and can really help you feel better.

When you use them for a long time, you reap the benefits of daily massages whenever you want them, without having to leave home!

But that all depends on which massage chair you buy.

Fear not, we’ve also written a blog on what is the best massage chair, and how to know if it is the right one for you!

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