Already with GEM Visa or QMasterCard?

Then there’s nothing for you to worry about on this page, simply head back into your checkout page, and continue the process as normal. You will be prompted with the option to pay via GEM Visa or QMasterCard

Get our friendly customer support team to help you

 Applying for an interest free loan for the first time can be difficult, so we’ll help make this process easier. We have a dedicated customer support service team ready to help you apply for financing!

This process takes around 1-2 business days, but we’ll make sure to get it done as fast as possible!

If the process does not go through, then the customer support team will send you back your $20 refundable deposit, no questions asked!

Pay the same price for your massage chair, even with financing!

We don’t charge our customers extra for using finance to pay for massage chairs! Your $20 deposit goes towards the massage chair!

Outside of the finance partners low fees, there’s nothing else you’ll need to pay!

The standard total fee for a 36 Month Interest Free payment is approx. $225 in total through our finance partners.

Applying with Finance locks your price in

Whenever we host a promotion of any kind, we’ll make sure that if you apply for finance, you still get that promotion price, even if it’s gone past that time period. 

This is because we understand applying for financing takes time, and we’ll be more than happy to support you along the entire way

When you buy with Good Massage, we can make the payment process relaxing too

Don’t worry about having to apply for a loan for the first time, or worrying about you’ll have to prepare. Our friendly customer support team will make buying your massage chair a simple and easy process.