How to choose a massage chair


User Friendliness

First and foremost, you must ascertain whether the operation of your new massage chair is user-friendly or not. It does not matter how many fancy functions and capabilities your massage chair has, if you can’t figure out how to easily take advantage of such features due to a poorly-designed, overly-complicated user interface, you might as well buy a basic vibration-only massage chair. You would be well-advised to go for a self-directed trial massage, making sure to test any high-tech components such as touch-screens, remote controls, or voice-activated capabilities.


Firstly, don’t be put off by sticker shock. One should note that today’s massage chairs are a marvel of technology, with thousands of hours contributed by engineers, product and fashion designers, computer programmers and so on, just in order to produce one prototype chair. What’s more, consider how much time and money you will save in the long run by having your own private massage therapist in-house, thus precluding expensive trips to your local massage clinic, getting stressed on the way by the noise and traffic. For the massage enthusiast, a modern massage chair will prove to be a godsend in terms of stress reduction, and will put both time and cash in the bank. 



These days, massage chairs come in many shapes and sizes, with available features including, among others, heat massage, zero-gravity, rollers and airbags, reclining functionality, vibration, kneading, etc. Unless you are unsure of what you need in regards to your target body areas or required treatments, you will need to think through your personal requirements carefully. Do you suffer from muscle tension and stiffness? In this case you want to purchase a massage chair with airbags, which help condense muscles and increase blood circulation. Do you suffer from discomfort in the legs? If so, make sure to compare chairs that can target that particular area. If you suffer from arthritis, look for a chair that offers heat therapy. Further, spinal issues may be targeted with a zero-gravity chair, which can relieve pressure on the spinal column.

Likewise, the size of your new chair is another important factor. We all know the frustration of having bought on impulse a dress that’s too tight or loose, or a pair of shoes that are just that little too long or short. Don’t make the same mistake in buying you next massage chair. Check carefully the chair’s minimum and maximum accommodation for body height and weight. Last but not least, make sure you have a spot in your home adequate to the chair’s length, height and width.


Body Scanning

It is also well advised to consider the number and functionality of the chair’s programmes. One must-have capability in today’s chairs is the ability to probe the user’s responses to various inputs from the chair and automatically create a programme based on the acquired data. This is known in the industry as “scanning”.  This can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of a high-end massage chair, which adapts to your personal needs and delivers a different and more well-suited massage every time.


The Campany

Finally, like any other purchase, pay particular attention to the culture, reputation, reliability and level of customer-service commitment of the business you are obtaining your chair from. Is it really worth buying the same or similar massage chair for a slightly less expensive price tag if the enterprise’s staff are not available on the phone, internet, or in person to answer you queries on how to best operate and enjoy your precious purchase? Read Google reviews or seek out other massage chair enthusiasts for advice. Check the vendor’s website for poor design and spelling, and grammatical errors. How the company presents itself online could be indicative of their commitment to quality products and service.


When diving into the world of massage chairs, one often overlooked factor is the ‘massage chair noise’. As our lives become increasingly hectic, the allure of a home-based relaxation hub grows. But what’s relaxation without silence or, at the very least, minimal disruption? While most chairs offer an array of features and modes, it’s crucial to consider the decibel levels it operates at. After all, the last thing you want is a massage session punctuated by the constant hum or buzz of machinery. This blog dives deep into the importance of evaluating massage chair noise, ensuring that your serene retreat remains undisturbed and wholly rejuvenating


GM 300 – Human Touch Massage Chair

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