Cost-effective, therapeutic massages

Our store provides a quiet and relaxing environment to experience the life-changing benefits our massage chairs provide, without the commitment of buying a chair or the cost of a standard massage. If you’re looking for a cost effective, cheap massage, within a short period of time, then this is the perfect place! You’ll also have access to our expert staff who are available to answer any questions and help you find the perfect chair for your needs. 



  • Visit our massage store 
  • Our team of experts will match you with the perfect chair 
  • Enjoy a FREE 15 Minute Massage
  • Using the bluetooth available on all massage chairs, select your music or meditation 
  • Enjoy a barista-made coffee or other beverage while you sit back, relax and completely unwind in peace 
  • Extend your massage to 30 minutes for $15

Our Flagship Massage Experience Store

With a FREE 15 minute massage up for grabs, why not just come in and try? Grab a friend, buy a coffee, and then enjoy the experience of an A.I calculated massage, just for you!

If you want to extend your massage, and enjoy something for even longer, then simply add $15, and you can get the best experience relaxing away in a deep tissue massage chair. These chairs are far more affordable than standard spa or sports massages, there’s no masseuse involved at all! With complete control over the massage you want, the places you need the massage, and the intensity you want, we’re sure you’ll want to come back for more!

Thai and Chinese Massages at the press of a button

With our advanced A.I massage chairs, you can get yourself any kind of massage! If you’re looking for a Chinese or a Thai massage, then just come in and select the Chinese or Thai massage mode on the massage chair!

In the centre of Northcote, Auckland, our in-store massage experience store is the perfect place to stop over for 30 minutes on your way back from work. If you’ve gone to drop the kids off at school, or even want to just get out of the house and relax, then this is the closest place to get a massage!

Browse NZ's best range of massage chairs and experience the massage chair difference

Once you find out how lovely a massage chair feels, it’ll be really hard to go back to a masseuse. Have you ever had those moments where you wished the masseuse would press harder, or focus on a specific region? 

With a massage chair, you’ll never need to tell a masseuse what you want. You have all the control, power, and freedom to cater your massage to your liking!

The North Shore Massage Chair Experts

We have a team of experts who can help guide you to the perfect chair. Whether you’re interested in trying an A.I massage chair, or want to try the cute mini massage sofas, we have the entire range available for you. With Japanese designs amongst our luxurious range, you could find yourself in either a small massage sofa, a resting massage chair, or even a capsule which massages your whole body.

Plus our in-store massages and rental packages  make it even easier to try any of our premium chairs, before selecting the best massage chair for you.