Rejuva 4D Spaceship capsule Limited Edition Black

(12 customer reviews)


High quality, unbeatable price, family-friendly 4D massage chair.
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Rejuva 4D Spaceship capsule Limited Edition Black

(12 customer reviews)


High quality, unbeatable price, family-friendly 4D massage chair.
Order now for dispatch within 5-10 working days.

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Rejuva – 4D Spaceship Capsule Massage Chair

Spaceship capsule, 4D intelligent experience

Technology and high fashion go hand in hand with the Rejuva intelligent Spaceship style chair. With intelligent response functions, this chair delivers even more massage possibilities! The core functions have been rigorously upgraded so you can experience next level massage. You’ll feel like you’re space walking!

The streamlined design of the spaceship chair is a perfect blend of technology and style, and the semi-enclosed cabin design allows you to experience a comforting, supportive wraparound feeling. This luxury massage chair is not only highly robust, but beautiful as well, allowing you to say goodbye to tiredness while making the living room beautiful.

8-second body detection technology

The Rejuva massage chair uses a dual body-type detection technology with intelligent movement and intelligent shoulder detection. AI algorithms detect positioning in real time, automatically identifying shoulder positions, body curves and foot positions in just 8 seconds, resulting in the delivery of a customised massage program for each individual regardless of how tall, short, wide or petite you are.

4D, a more realistic, less ordinary massage

The 4D movement differs from the traditional 3D movement. 4D incorporates a realistic 4-dimensional electric drive movement, with four motors working together to allow the movement to be adjusted in multiple directions. Not only does the massage unit move up and down, left and right, back and forth, but it also imitates the process of manual massage. This results in a gradual intensity increase, seamlessly transitioning from a gentle touch to a more profound and precise massage, surpassing the capabilities of traditional 3D movement.

60 sets of 3D airbags

The Rejuva Massage chair uses the industry’s most advanced air booster pump configuration with up to 60 sets of 3D airbags to provide full coverage in the areas that the massage nodes can’t reach. This wraps and massages the whole body in a circular motion. A wave-like cycle of pressure is applied to the shoulders, arms, legs and feet, allowing them to absorb the soothing rhythm of the airbags, effectively relaxing tired muscles. The shoulder and hip airbags can be filled and released in combination to massage the hips and the waist area as well.

Larger massage area, covering the whole body

SL guide track

Incorporating ergonomic design, the S-shaped guide track on the rear fits the curve of the chair’s strong back — and the L-shaped guide track on the waist and hips expands the massage area, truly achieving full massage coverage from the neck to the hips.

The 1.35m long guide track

With an increase in the massage area by more than 60% – compared to traditional massage chairs – you’ll enjoy the results of better overall massage coverage. The alloy material provides both strong support and durability.

4D intelligent movement — The masseur’s hands

With a five-stage 4D simulation massage movement and fixed massage arms, say goodbye to a simple, rigid mechanical massage experience. Thanks to real-time 5-step intensity adjustment and utilising a 12cm retractable massage head front and back, the massage nodes effectively work along the physiological curve of the neck and back, comparable to the hands of a massage master, while penetrating deep into the tired muscular layer.

Zero gravity and Yoga stretching

Whole body and yoga stretching

The 4D movement combined with airbag pressure at the hips, back and calves delivers synchronous compression while comprehensive stretching of the whole body’s muscles and tendons achieves an effect similar to yoga stretching, supporting circulation.

Zero Gravity Massage

Zero Gravity Massage emulates the angle of zero gravity experienced in space. It tilts the upper body and legs to a precise golden elevation angle of 126°+7°, evenly distributing your body’s weight across the massage chair. This innovative feature alleviates pressure on the spine and joints, creating a sensation of suspension and absolute relaxation. It’s akin to floating amidst the clouds, inducing a profound sense of ease and tranquillity.

Combined leg and foot care

Leg extension setting

The Rejuva massage chair’s leg compartment is designed to stretch up to 16cm to suit the height of each family member. This chair is suitable for heights from 150cm-195cm, enabling everyone in the family to stretch easily and enjoy their own massage in the most relaxed position that suits them.

3-stage foot massage

This tri-stage foot massage encompasses forefoot bump massage, rear foot roller massage, and foot bump massage. It delivers a layered, deep massage experience that significantly alleviates pressure in the feet. Additionally, it offers the luxury of enjoying an in-home foot spa, enhancing relaxation and comfort.

Simulation massage at the touch of a button

6 sets of manual massage techniques:

Simulation massage at the touch of a button offers an array of options for tailored relaxation. Among them, 6 sets of manual massage techniques employ four flexible massage heads to knead, tap, apply acupressure, rub, and gently “bang.” These techniques exhibit a careful balance of gentleness, effectively delving deep into sore muscles, resembling the skillful touch of a professional massage master.

8 sets of automatic massage programmes:

The Rejuva massage chair offers 8 sets of automatic massage programs developed through rigorous testing and adjustments, guided by ergonomic principles, real-life scenarios, and the specific needs of different individuals. A single button activation delivers a professional massage, simplifying the overall experience.

Here are a few examples of these programs:

-President Wellness

Designed to induce maximum relaxation for those enduring long hours at their desks, offering tranquillity for both body and mind.

-Queen’s Slimming

This program provides a gentle and soothing massage aimed to support anyone considering body transformation or their metabolism, with a particular focus on women’s needs.

-Sleep well

A slow, gentle, full-body massage coupled with a subtle rocking motion promotes relaxation, which may aid users in achieving restful sleep.

Shoulder and Neck Focus

This program targets pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder regions with a unique massage technique.

Yoga in the chair

Utilising moderate kneading and stretching techniques, this program is designed to support tired muscles and maintain flexibility.

Deep Stress Relief

Combining acupressure and kneading techniques, this massage supports those struggling with body fatigue, enhancing overall well-being.

Thai Massage

Incorporating Thai massage techniques this program is designed to support the relaxation of muscles throughout the body, ideal after strenuous physical activities.

Chinese Wellness

Traditional Chinese massage methods like kneading, rubbing, acupressure and tapping are utilised to deliver pure relaxation massage and rejuvenation for the body.

Carbon Fiber Heating Therapy

Carbon Fibre Heating Therapy in the Rejuva massage chair offers exceptional comfort and relief. Located in the “lumbar back” area, this advanced technology utilises carbon fibre for thermostatic heating. Not only is it safe and long-lasting, it also ensures even and gentle heating, making it an ideal choice for a winter body-heat massage session.

With three adjustable temperature levels, this feature allows you to customise the warmth to your preference. When combined with various massage techniques, the temperature control may support blood circulation in the back region. Not only is this comforting for lumbar aches and pains but also provides a luxurious warmth throughout your massage experience, enhancing your overall well-being.

Touch screen and rotary buttons for easy contro

8-inch LCD touch screen

The Rejuva Massage Chair is equipped with an 8-inch LCD touch screen, which allows you to freely adjust all aspects of your massage experience, according to your preferences and needs. You can even personalise your massages to suit different parts of your body with different levels of intensity. The rotating buttons are quick and easy to use, perfect for older members of your household.

Convenient controls

Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to switch the power on/off. Use a short press to switch between 8 automatic massage programmes – Rotate clockwise to tilt the backrest – Rotate counter-clockwise to raise the backrest.

Child lock

The LCD screen is equipped with a child lock on the side, which can be activated by pressing and holding for 3 seconds, keeping your child safe.

Experience the epitome of design in the Rejuva Massage Chair:

Microfibre PU leather

A tactile delight, this material is gentle to the touch, friendly to the skin, and breathable, with a high resistance to abrasion. Its remarkable elasticity ensures ease of cleaning.

Intelligent voice announcement

Stay informed at every step of your massage journey with real-time voice prompts, providing clarity on your massage’s status.

HiFi sound system

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with stereo surround-sound that enhances your massage experience, complete with your favourite music.

Safety-first approach

The massage chair’s backrest is equipped with a built-in anti-pinch detection system, ensuring immediate cessation of the chair’s descent upon detecting an object, prioritising your safety.

USB interface and wireless charging

 Conveniently power up your devices with the Rejuva’s USB interface, while the wireless charging module allows you to effortlessly charge your phone as soon as it’s placed down. Say goodbye to battery worries while enjoying your massage.

How does 30 day money back guarantee work?

Black, cream





Rated Power


Chair Upright

150*75*121cm (length×width×height)

Chair Reclined



Gross weight: 107kg; Net weight: 90kg

Rated time

15 minutes

Rated voltage

AC 220~240V


60 months

12 reviews for Rejuva 4D Spaceship capsule Limited Edition Black

    April 13, 2023
    If you like the Thai massage and deep tissue massage, this is the one work on that, my husband doesn't like it when I purchased, but he is one use it more now. lol
    April 13, 2023
    A little bit stronger at the beginning, adopt to that now. Use it for every day, that definitely good for body
    March 26, 2023
    Various massage settings and intensity levels allow me to find the perfect combination for my aching muscles
    March 21, 2023
    Purchased this massage chair as a gift for my wife and she absolutely loves it
    March 21, 2023
    Zero gravity function is also a nice touch and really helps me relax
    March 17, 2023
    This premium 4D massage technology, which allows for a more lifelike massage experience. It also includes a full-body stretch function, use it everyday!
    March 17, 2023
    Fantastic addition to my home office. Customisable massage experience and airbag compression are especially soothing
    March 17, 2023
    Particularly enjoy the zero gravity positioning feature, which elevates the legs and reduces pressure on the spine.
    March 16, 2023
    I've tried other massage chairs before, but this one is on another level, love the look too. btw i got the blue one, never regret
    March 16, 2023
    Recently purchased one and have been using it daily for the past month. game changer for my chronic back pain, out standing customer service too
    February 9, 2023
    I come here every week for a massage, I love the way it makes me feel
    February 2, 2023
    How does this have no reviews? I bought this during the new years sale, and I've loved it ever since. I came to the northcote store even though it was kinda far. I sat in it and then I slept. This is seriously the best, and it's so much cheaper than the other massage chair brands

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