Wondera 3D Airmatic Massage Chair

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NZ’s most affordable, compact 3D massage chair.
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Wondera 3D Airmatic Massage Chair

(1 customer review)


NZ’s most affordable, compact 3D massage chair.
Order now for dispatch within 5-10 working days.

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Wondera – 3D Airmatic Massage Chair

Introducing the Wondera, a luxury massage chair that brings together the best of technology and design. Its advanced features provide remarkable benefits for neck and back pain, promising a truly relaxing experience. The dynamic structure of the Wondera has been thoughtfully crafted to fit seamlessly into compact spaces, making it an ideal choice for offices or smaller homes and apartments.

Savour the 3D Airmatic Massage Experience

The Wondera features cutting-edge 3D massage nodes designed for whisper-quiet operation. These nodes smoothly move in three dimensions, extending, retracting, and reaching outwards for a comprehensive massage experience. These are cleverly incorporated into our exclusive Airmatic System, an air suspension technology giving you a massage that simulates human touch. The system’s thoughtful design gradually reduces mechanical vibrations, ensuring an extended, gentler massage experience without compromising the depth and benefits of a more intense treatment. Plus, the soft silicone massage heads provide unparalleled comfort.

Personalised Auto Detection

The Wondera has an intelligent auto-detection system to identify your shoulder position. This system performs a posture scan before each massage session to recognize your height, resulting in a fully customised massage experience.

Diverse Massage Programs and Techniques

The Wondera offers eight distinct automatic massage programs to cater to your specific needs:

Quick Massage – A condensed massage experience for those short on time.

Comfort Massage – A gentle, soothing massage to promote relaxation.

Relax Massage – A deep and tranquillising massage which may alleviate body fatigue.

Full-body Massage – Targets pressure points throughout the body to support rejuvenation.

Shoulder and Neck Massage – Focused relief for neck and shoulder tension.

Back & Waist Massage – Concentrated care for sore backs and waists.

Stretch Massage – Gently stretches your body for increased comfort.

Sport Recovery – Support for post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness.

The intelligent massage rollers replicate professional techniques, offering seven distinct methods, including Kneading, Slapping, Tapping, a combination of Kneading and Slapping, Shiatsu, and two 3D techniques (3D I and 3D II).

Lengthy 125 cm Super Long SL Track

The Wondera features a 125cm super long “SL” shape space curved rail technology. This allows the massage rollers to travel from the head to the legs, following the natural curve of the human spine. This innovative design perfectly complements the natural ‘S’ shape of the human vertebra, ensuring that your spine remains in a neutral and comfortable alignment throughout the massage. This enhances relaxation, while supporting muscle relief without compromising spinal health.

22 Powerful Full Body Airbags

The Wondera uses 22 airbags to deliver a powerful full-body massage. The chair’s design is based on biomechanics, ergonomics and physical therapy principles, utilising a longer curved rail massage track for a more comprehensive and comfortable experience.

Carbon Fibre Heating

The Wondera is equipped with a carbon fibre infrared heating system that boosts the effectiveness of the massage, ensuring a warm and cosy experience in winter or air-conditioned spaces. The lumbar airbags gradually heat up, promoting muscle relaxation without a sudden change in temperature.

Easy to Use, Easy to Master

Effortlessly manage your Wondera Massage chair using the convenient shortcut panel. Adjust your massage intensity, tilt, and preferences with a single touch. Achieving relaxation and rejuvenation has never been this simple, and with the Wondera GM200 Plus, a consistent standard of relaxation is accessible to everyone.

Leg and Foot Care

The Wondera’s footrest boasts a 20cm extension capacity, catering to the varied heights of different family members. This feature ensures a comprehensive full-body massage experience, enhanced by calf heating.

Three sets of foot rollers gently knead and massage the toes, soles, and arches of your feet. You can customise the speed with three different settings, allowing you to find the optimal comfort level.

3 Memory Mode and Personalized Program

The Wondera features a DIY Memory Mode allowing you to program and store profiles for each user. Just press the memory button to enjoy your preferred personal massage.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your favourite music or audiobooks as you relax, using an integrated USB port to charge the battery of your phone.

Dual Control System

The Wondera offers a dual control system for your convenience. An intelligent voice recognition system enables hands-free control, while the wired remote control panel is also easy to operate, letting you adjust and choose programs for a truly customised massage experience.

Zero Gravity and Space Saving

The Wondera chair lifts the legs and torso to 118 degrees, ensuring even weight distribution. The zero-gravity position increases blood flow by keeping the thighs and calves above the heart level.

The chair has been designed for compact spaces. When not in use, it needs only a distance of 5 cm from the wall. The seat slides forward without touching the nearby wall, making it an ideal choice for space-saving solutions.

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Black, Grey





Rated Power


Chair Upright

137×74×107cm (length×width×height)

Chair Reclined

178×74×84cm (length×width×height)


Gross weight: 88kg; Net weight: 70kg

Rated time

15 minutes

Rated voltage

AC 220~240V


12 months ~ 36 months

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    April 10, 2024
    It's amazing product. Love it!!!

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