Are There Any Small Massage Chairs? The Best Small Massage Chair in 2022

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Hey y’all! This is a new surprise from the Good Massage team! Since our new partnership with Irelax, they’ve allowed us to share some of their articles! So without further ado, let’s begin making this blog section active!

One of the main things we get at Good Massage is people asking for smaller massage chairs, but from our current range, they aren’t suited to the size of some homes and apartments. Luckily for us, our partner Irelax has got some great models which fit this perfectly!

How big is a small massage chair?

Irelax call’s small massage chairs by the name massage sofa’s, as it suits the way they recline back when needed, and can easily replace a small sofa. Their recent video has a few shots where the Genix Hybrid Massage Sofa is compared to a regular dining chair!

So to simply answer the question, they’re just slightly bigger than a dining chair, and will easily fit in any room!

The Smallest Massage Chair: Family Inada Body Vita Massage Chair

This sits in the centre of our Northcote Showroom! It’s a one of a kind massage chair which acts just like a relaxation chair, similar to the ones you see models lay on at 5 star hotels by the pool!

The Family Inada Body Vita Massage Chair is one of Irelax’s most luxurious massage chairs, which acts just like a relaxing bed. It’s made to simulate the experience of sitting across the pool at a luxury spa, all at the comfort of your very own home! In comparison to every other model it is smaller, more lightweight, and easier to move!

Where can I find more small massage chairs?

Irelax have a large range of massage sofas to browse from, which take up little space, and still deliver that same massage feeling!

It’s really important to try and see which one fits your household, so we’ve made sure to include precise measurements on all of our massage chairs and sofa’s to make planning and purchasing a massage chair easier.

Small Massage Chair Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison of all of our small size massage sofa’s and massage chairs, going from smallest to largest.

1: Family Inada Vita Body Care Massage Chair

  • Width: 61cm
  • Height: 78cm
  • Length: 111cm when upright, 138cm when reclined

2: OGAWA MYSofa Massage Sofa

  • Width: 65cm
  • Height: 105cm when upright, 88cm when reclined
  • Length: 93.5cm when upright, 143cm when reclined

3: iSofa Plus Massage Sofa

  • Width: 68cm
  • Height: 99.5cm
  • Length: 104cm

4: OGAWA Genix Hybrid Massage Sofa

  • Width: 71cm
  • Height: 102.3cm when upright, 79.3cm when reclined
  • Length: 120.5cm when upright, 148cm when reclined

Reach out to Irelax to learn more about small massage chairs

The Good Massage team are ready to help you with all your massage chair needs. Whether its about size, speciality or price, we know what would help you best! Thanks to Irelax, we are now able to showroom all of their massage chair models in our flagship store, all in one place, so check this out to find where you can try our massage chairs in person!

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